The team


Pablo Higuera Caubilla

PhD. Civil/Coastal Engineering Lecturer in Coastal Engineering @ University of Auckland

Founder of OlaFlow CFD. Developer of olaFlow and former developer of IHFoam and olaFoam.

During his PhD at IH Cantabria he developed the numerical model ihFoam and released it as open source software. He also prepared a complete training course to learn how to use IHFoam, and has taught it over 6 times worldwide (Madrid, London, Chennai…)

PhD thesis: Application of computational fluid dynamics to wave action on structures

Follow this link for a selection of publications.

Special Thanks

Recognition and credit for help, bug fixes and further development is to be acknowledged in this section.

Special thanks go to:

  • Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, University of Cantabria and IH Cantabria for making possible the development of IHFoam during my PhD thesis.
  • The members of the CFD-Online community.