olaFlow (and its former project names) is featured in a large number of peer-reviewed publications:


olaFlow now has a DOI that can be included in citations:

If you want to reference the model in your publications you can use the following phrase:

olaFlow [DOI reference] is an open source project developed within the OpenFOAM® framework as a continuation of the work in Higuera et al. (xxxx). The numerical model enables simulating wave and porous structure interaction in the coastal and offshore fields.

Feel free to modify the phase and adapt it to your own needs.

You can also include any of the following references when citing the implementation, validation and applications.

Latex citation:

  author       = {Higuera, P.},
  title        = {olaFlow: {CFD} for waves [{S}oftware].},
  year         = 2017,
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.1297013},
  url          = {}


olaFlow is an open source project conceived as a continuation of the work in Pablo Higuera’s thesis.

The development has been continuous since ihFoam (Jul 8, 2014 - Feb 11, 2016) and olaFoam (Mar 2, 2016 - Nov 25, 2017).

Application of computational fluid dynamics to wave action on structures
Pablo Higuera [2015]
PhD Thesis, University of Cantabria
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