CFD Waves Coastal Offshore Engineering

olaFlow CFD Suite is a free and open source project committed to bringing the latest advances for the simulation of wave dynamics to the OpenFOAM® and FOAM-extend communities.

The suite includes the olaFlow VARANS solvers, reference materials and tutorials with pre- and post-processing tools.


Cutting-edge technologies

  • State-of-the-art wave generation and active wave absorption working at the boundaries (i.e. without increasing the computational cost)
  • Simultaneous wave and current generation
  • Replication of multi-paddle piston and flap-type wave generators, also including active wave absorption
  • Two-phase flow through porous media (VARANS equations) to model breakwaters

OlaFlow Features

The olaFlow project aims at simplifying the simulation of waves through the following convenient features

Easy compilation

Source code can be found in GitHub and is easy to download and compile.

Well documented

A full wiki site is available and a FAQ section can also be accessed.

Free updates

olaFlow is open source and will continue to be so, bringing the latest developments to the community.

Solid support

Questions can be asked in the olaFlow thread at cfd-online.

Get started easily

A wide variety of tutorials are provided, showing how to use all the modules available.


Access a guide to citing the model.

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